Meet the Author

 Jaden Evans is 11 years old and in 6th Grade.  

At the age of 8 years old, Jaden wrote and Illustrated The Rain.  His newest book, 

The Magical Block Tower, is now available.

The Rain is Jaden's first published book. Jaden began writing and illustrating his ideas from the time he learned to spell. He wrote his first mini-books in Kindergarten and gave them to friends, family, and teachers.   His passion is to write many more short stories and youth chapter books. 

Jaden loves science, music, and the arts.  

In his spare time henjoys playing and 

creating music (on the piano, drums, and guitar), reading (books about bugs, 

animals, the human body, and outer space) and playing video games. 

-2015  Award of Excellence State Film Production Winner-
-2015  Award of Merit City Literature Winner-
- 2014 Honorable Mention - Basin PBS Kids Writers Contest-
-2014 Award of Merit City Literature Winner-
-2013 Overall Award of Excellence City Literature Winner-
-2013 Overall Award of Merit State Literature Winner-